Welcome toElevate Orthodontics

At Elevate Orthodontics, Dr. Theodore Moore and our team believe in caring for each person we treat in the way we’d care for a family member: with respect, humility, and compassion. We understand that every patient comes to us with different needs, so we craft custom treatment plans based on those unique requirements. This approach yields the strongest results, in the shortest time, with healthy, lasting, beautiful smiles for each person.

Here we know the difference that orthodontic care makes in an individual’s life. Not only is a person’s oral health improved, with a better bite and less long-term strain on the jaw and facial muscles, but with straighter teeth and a more attractive smile, the person feels better about his or her appearance.

As patients move through treatment, their self-esteem grows and they become more confident and outgoing. They make eye contact and smile more readily. It’s an amazing transformation and we’d love to help bring this change about in your life, too!

Some of the care options available at Elevate Orthodontics include:

We believe you should get to know your orthodontist and the team before committing to treatment, so we offer complimentary consultations at our Aurora, CO orthodontic practice, where we welcome patients from Centennial, Denver, and nearby communities. For more information and to schedule your consultation, please call.

Our team at Elevate Orthodontics looks forward to welcoming you to our family and starting you on the path to an incredible smile you’ll love sharing with the world!

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